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192.168.01 : IP Address  The Ultimate Full Guide 2019

192.168.01 : IP Address The Ultimate Full Guide 2019

In this post I wanna share with you all about 192.168.01 IP address. When I Purchase router first time then I was face so many problem such as how to find IP address, What do if you forgotten  IP address, how to login in 192.168.01, and so many problem. From all this problem I was learn all tips, trick and easy way to solve this problem. So if you also face problem like I was seen, so you have good place to learn all solution about 192.168.01 IP address.

You Still Face Problem From 192.168.01  IP Address ?

What is 192.168.01 IP address ?

192.168.01 is the IP address of WiFi Router or Default IP address of Netgear router and D-Link of router. This is Default IP address which you can change in network wi-fi management console setting. This IP address basically network address.  IT technical show as IPv4 Network address of your home router or broadband. Router can be used for set gateway or this wi-fi router also help to access in to network management console by past into internet browser like chrome, Mazola, Firefox etc. Used IPv4 address or this IP address to solve this problem. more about IP address wiki.

192.168.01 IP address used to login into your Router Panel to control all your setting. Once you able to login into admin panel then you can easy change setting such as WAN, LAN, DNS,PPPOE,MAC,WPS, DHCP Client, DSL, IP Qos, security, network management and all setting which you need to change and required. This IP address also help to connected network with device.

What is Work 192.168.01 IP Address ?

192.168.01 is the private IP address which manually used as default IP address by netgear and D-link router. IP address help to connected network and access into admin login panel. This IP address also tell you network connected problem only with netgear and d-link router. then also help to change and settings and improve network security.

From This IP adders you can do this following Setting Read it.

  1. I can used WiFi multicast to uni-cast.
  2. I can Change Data Rate of internet.
  3. I can control Fragment threshold
  4. I can control Network SSID
  5. I can used Wireless blocking
  6. I can able to change the authentication type setting


How to Login into 192.168.01  IP address ?

Here simply and ways trick to login into admin panel to control settings. When i purchase router first time then i was sheen so many problem for login into admin panel But know I find easy way to solve problem and this trick i gonna share with you guys.

This IP address help to access into configure login page. For login into admin panel you enter into your network browser URL and past this next page open it ask from you to enter username and password. And this user name and passwords you can find in your documentation manual this document given by seller.Default username and password given by manufacture but once you login into admin panel then you can change default username and password.

Here I share to login into admin panel step by step just follow me and enjoy.

  1.  Open internet browser and past into URL box and click on enter. If this page not open from type this 192.168.01 IP address then it’s not your IP address so first find your IP address.(Here below i have mention how to find IP address)


  1. Once you paste correct IP address into internet browser then It ask to Enter username and passwords. Enter them . If you don’t know you can enter “admin” in both box.
  2. You can check default username and password from manufacture document.
  3. After Enter Username and password Then you can able to access into admin panel.
  4. Now you can change all setting such as IP location, DNS settings ETC.
  5. Enjoy!

Default Username and Password of All Routers:

3Com Routerhttp:// adminPassword- admin
Belkin Routerhttp:// adminPassword- admin
BenQ Routerhttp:// adminPassword- admin
D-Link Routerhttp:// adminPassword- admin
Digicom Routerhttp:// adminPassword- michelangelo
Digicom Routerhttp:// userPassword- password
Digicom Routerhttp:// adminPassword- michelangelo
Linksys Routerhttp:// adminPassword- admin
Netgear Routerhttp:// adminPassword- password
Sitecom Routerhttp:// adminPassword- admin
Sitecom Routerhttp:// sitecomPassword- admin
Thomson Routerhttp:// userPassword- user
US Robotics Routerhttp:// adminPassword- admin

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How to Find Your Router IP address ?

Mostly 192.168.01 is the default IP address of netgear and D-link router but if you can’t access with this IP address then you can find your personal IP adders to login into admin panel. Here I gonna share my personal tips to find IP address. Trust me it is easy way to find IP address. Just Follow me step by step.

  1. Together Press window+R button to open Run features of computer..
  2. Then type in this box CMD and click on enter.
  3. Then open Commend Prompt and Enter “ipconfig/all” .(copy this commend and past )
  4. Then in the front of you have many IP address. But in only one IP address is your which have mention Gateway IP address  and select this ip address.
  5. Congratulation you have found your IP address.


How to Change Username and Password ?

After you have login into admin panel then you should change your Username and passwords because you can’t trust on default username and password. You required to increase your router security so should set up new password to protect your router from hacking.

Here the step to change passwords just follow me step by step.

  1. First login into admin pane with default username and password.
  2. Find admin tab and click on this.tab,
  3. Here you can find option change your passwords.
  4. Now Set strong password.
  5. Enjoy!

What you Should Do if You Forget Username & Password ?

This is common problem which is faced by the user. I also have faced this problem because i was set up strong passwords but after 1 month i was need to login into admin panel but i can’t access due to forget passwords. Then i was find the easy way to find passwords. So you don’t need to stress for passwords just follow me step by step and find your password. This is How to Reset Router ?

  1. You need to reset your router to set default username and password.
  2. In the behind part of your router have mention hidden button which you need to press this Reset button and hold 10 seconds to reset password,
  3. You can used teeth-pick and needle to press reset button.
  4.  Now your router is reset and you should enter default user name and password to login into admin panel.
  5. You also check our default username and password list for login.
  6. Enjoy!

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Bonus Tips to Solve Problem with IP address

There are some problem that raise when we used router. So this tips you should know to used router for freely or without any problem. This is my personal tips that I follow to solve my own problem i wish this tips also help to solve troubleshoot , just read and follow me.

  • Keep Your Eye on LED light of router , IF LED light turn to Red light then it means that some think problem with your landline and setup connection.
  • Keep Focus on Power supply and cord is perfectly work.
  • Make sure you WiFi connected via Ethernet Cable.

This is problem which we usually face by new user. If you still have problem regarding 192.168.01 IP address then fell free to ask me.

Bonus Tips :


How to Login into Netgear Router

In this i share my personal experience how to login into netgear router by using 192.168.01 IP address. it is simple you need only follow couples steps that help to login into netgear router.


  1. Netger Default IP address is 192.168.01 so enter this Ip address into Internet Browser in URL Box.
  2. Enter Username and Password. You need to enter Default username and password which is given by seller or you can find in above our list.
  3. After that you access into admin login panel where you can change all settings.
  4. Now set-up setting according your needs.
  5. Enjoy!

How to Login into TP-Link Router:

Here I gonna share easy way to login tp-link router to access admin login panel. Just follow me step by step.


  1. First connect PC with Router by RJ45 cable. Then open internet browser and enter
  2. It ask from you enter username and password. so you can enter default  if you don’t know then find our above list where I have shown username and password.
  3. Then new page open in which you can see that all setting on tp-link router.
  4. Enjoy!

How to Login into Asus Router

The steps which I show you in above process it is to similar to all above router. However I share you steps in short. just follow me.


  1. First perfectly connect computer and Router.
  2. Open Internet Browser and past into URL.
  3. Fill Default username and password form our above list.
  4. Change setting according your want .
  5. Enjoy!

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That it is all my tips and trick which I have used when I face the problem. I sure this all tips help to solve your problem but still you face any type of problem you feel free to ask me. You can do comment below I will reply in few hours.

Please Follow us for future update regarding IP address. and stay turn at ocean of review

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