Welcome in the Ocean of Review ! : IP Address – The Ultimate Guide 2019 : IP Address – The Ultimate Guide 2019

I gonna share every think about IP address. Such as How to change IP address, how to find your IP address, what is IP address. This is full guide which I share with you in 2019. You have good place to learn IP address. Just Read our Experience with this IP address.

You still Face problems with IP address ?

What is

The is the Default IP address of D-link, TP-link and netgear router. This is individual private network which used for internet. It is the specific internet address on your computer. Which allow to access into internet. This is default IP address which is used by many router company such as TP-link, Netgear, D-link, linksys, cisco, Asus, Accton, ZTE, Apple airport, AboCom, Zonet and other Router which provide internet services. Full Guide IP address.

How to Login into Router With

You Required admin panel to control Router setting and performance. Without Login into admin panel you couldn’t set-up setting or router. That why I will show you easy to login into router admin panel just follow me step by step.

  1. Open web Browser with chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, or you can be used any internet browser.
  2. Type https://192-168-10-1/ into search Bar.
  3. In case page not open and show error then this is not your router IP address. (find IP address in below of this post)
  4. It ask from you username and password. Enter Default username and password.
  5. Change the default username and password for more security.
  6. After find IP then follow above steps and set up setting according your needs.
  7. Enjoy!


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Default Username and Password

Here the list of IP address of default username and password to login into admin panel. You need this list when you will login into admin panel first time. Make sure after login into admin panel you should change password for security resign, because any one can login and hack you router if you used default ip address username and password.

         USERNAME                PASSWORD
                              admin                                        admin
                               root                                          root
                             none                                          none
                            admin                                      password
                               –                                        admin


How to Change Router Password

it is necessary to change the password of router for your security region. If you depend on default username and password than any one can easily login into your admin panel and change settings. So i personal suggest you that you should change password and keep safe. So follow me step by step for change password.

  1. Find out the small button on the backside of your router.
  2. Press this button and keep holding for 20 second. (press with the help of needle).
  3. Now you find your all setting is remove and you need to login by default password and username.
  4. Now you can change username and password and setup setting according your interest.


You can’t Login Admin Panel

When you used first time IP address then may be it difficult to login and you face the problem. So here I share some tips that help to access into IP address.When you Configuration IP address you can face problem Example –   just follow me.

  • Incorrect IP address If you see that you show incorrect ip address error then you should know about your IP address. You can check your IP address by commend  prompt code. Type “ipconfig/all” you will see the your IP address.
  • Connection Problem – If you face any connection problem then you should check Ethernet cable, or try to Fix again.
  • Internal Problem – Some time problem rise from internal router, in this case you can contact your router customer care services.


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If you used first time IP address then you should read this post because in this post I already share every think about this ip address. Still you face problem you can again read full post or either you can leave comment below we reply in 10 minutes.

Thank for read if you wanna read more post then you follow more other IP address.

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