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192.168 100.1 – Router Admin Login – The Ultimate Full Guide 2019

192.168 100.1 – Router Admin Login – The Ultimate Full Guide 2019

The 192.168 100.1 is the Default IP address of your computer, If you used Any brand router then you should know what is your IP address, how to login into admin panel, how to change IP address, what is default username and password of your Router. So if you want to know all these question so you can read my this post on 192.168 100.1 IP address. If you first time login into your router admin panel and you want to change router setting such as change password then you should know username and password. So here I gonna share all my last 1 year experience with this router.

You wan to Login into 192.168 100.1 Admin Panel ?

What is 192.168 100.1 IP Address ?

192.168 100.1 is the default IP address of your router such as TP-link, Netgear, D-link and other. It is the private network of your computer where you can access into internet world. In other word it is address of your computer where google know you from your private IP address. 192.168 100.1 IP address required in many case such as when you login into router admin panel then you required to find your IP address. After you login then you change setting according your interest. Check for more about IP address 

192.168 100.1 is the private IP address of your Router, Modems, DVRs and webcams. You can access into admin login panel by type https192.168 100.1 into your internet browser.

It is easy to login into admin panel, change password, find IP address, set-up setting and other setting. you only read below paragraph where I have share my personal trick and tips to solve problem regrading this IP address.

How to Login into 192.168 100.1 IP address ?

If you face the problem to login into your router admin panel then you should read my personal tips that help to easy login into router panel. Just follow me step by step.

  1. First Open your internet Browser such as chromo, firefox, mozilla , safari and other internet browser which you used.
  2. Enter into URL bar and hit enter. If page not open then it is not your IP address, you can find in below paragraph.
  3. Now Next page ask to Enter username and password. Default username and password have mention in below paragraph.
  4. Now change the default password and set-up new setting according your interest.
  5. Enjoy!


Default Username and Password

Username  And   Password

admin / password

none / none

admin / admin

admin /  w2402

admin /  motorola


What you Should Do if You Forget Username & Password ?

After set new password you are forget your password, In this case i have solution for you. I will share you my personal tips that how i find my lost password and set again new  password. Just follow me.

  1. Go to your Router and check on behind side of router, Here you find small button and press them.
  2. You will press this button for 20 seconds then your router automatic reset and all setting set as default.
  3. Now you login again by default username and password.
  4. Now change again new password but now make sure you set password which you always know to login.
  5. Now set-up wireless setting
  6. Enjoy!

How to Find Your IP Address ?

Most of people don’t no what your computer IP address in this case you couldn’t know login into admin panel. so first you know what is your IP address, Here is my Tips which i used every time to find my IP address. There have a lot of tips but my this tips is easy for you. Just follow me step b step to find IP address.

  1. Open Commend prompt by click left window icon.
  2. Type ipconfig and hit enter, you see default gateway IP address and this is your IP address.
  3. Now Copy IP address and Past into URL bar and login into admin panel.
  4. Enjoy!

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 Why you Need web-interface ?

No matter which router you has used. In every router should need to login into admin panel to set-up setting. So you need to web-interface to login into admin panel and change setting from default to custom and set new strong password for strong security. If you set-up strong wireless setting then it protect from Hackers.

Common Problem with IP address

  • May be your IP address is different from 192.168.01 or other IP address.( first find )
  • May be your LAN cable is disconnected
  • May be your WiFi or LAN connection is disabled
  • May be your WiFi or LAN has malfunctioned.

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So it is our 192.168 100.1 IP address post in which I show you every problem solution but still you have any problem regarding this IP address then you can ask by leave comment below section. Our team reply in 1 hour.


For more IP address you can follow us for more and stay at ocean of review.

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