About me

about me

About me

sahil saifi

I am sahil saifi and i am the founder of oceanofreview.com. when I was started this website my friends say you are crazy because you pick up the high competition niche. Now days it’s difficult to rank in search engine and make identity in high competition niche That is “Review” Niche.

I only know one thing that I believe in our self and i can take this website in the top review niche. I fully passionate and dedicated to build up this website.I always doing trusted review and give suggestion to purchase the good product and gadgets.

So i here to help people by doing review. I have started this website by my saving money. I totally spent my pocket money to start this site. I have lot of ideas and more hope from this blog. For more know about me stay turn on blog and my social media account.

“I hope this blog stay at the Heart of People”

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sahil saifi

About this Blog

Ocean of Review site is Born 7-December- 2018. The best think is that same date also my Birthday(7-December). I have publish first page of this blog on my Birthday. I happy from this website. I love doing review of product, Gadgets, Speakers, Games, camera, and all stuff. This blog aim to help people when they confused at the time of purchase gadgets and product.

All you have seen Review on this website are trusted and are not paid. Yes I never written Paid review on this blog Because i want to increase fans of this website instead earning extra money from this website.

“Think Before Purchase”

Check out our Review before purchase product and gadgets. Even you can contact us to take information about the product which you want to purchase. You can send email us to ask and take ideas.For more know about me or this site follow us.

so please stay turn on this site at ocaianofreview.com

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