Best SIM Card in India For Internet || The Ultimate Full Guide 2019

best sim card in india for internet

You think to purchase any SIM card for high internet net speed. Then I have a list for you that would help to select best sim card in india for internet that provide mbps download speed. I have used up to 6 SIM card india so I know what their internet speed and what there plans. So in this post I gonna share with you my personnel experience with these all SIM card in india.

Here below have our serve of internet speed.

Best SIM Card in india 2019 according ocean of review 

  1. Airtel 
  2. Idea 
  3. Jio
  4. Vodafone
  5. BSNL
  6. Tata DoCoMo
  7. Reliance Communications

Best SIM Card in India For Internet 2019

Here the best sim card in india for internet List in 2019 which I found best SIM in india. If you think to purchase SIM in india then you should read my list to find best SIM network in india 2019.

1- Airtel

Airtel is one of the most popular SIM card in indai. overall 300 million has subscriber of airtel. I have personnel used airtel sim card. The best think of airtel sim is that when you recharge and select low price plan then airtel provide equal internet speed that means you get high internet speed with low price plans.

I personnel recommend that if you look for high internet speed in india then you should purchase airtel sim card. But with this airtel sim card has one problem which is I was when I used airtel. The problem is that airtel sim card is their price plans which is so expensive in the compare with other SIM card like jio , idea etc.

But still I recommend airtel sim card for you even their price is high to recharge internet. Because airtel speed is high from other SIM internet in india. When I used airtel sim i get upto 3.5 mbps on 3g network and internet buffering speed up to 8 mbps in 4g network.

If you want to used internet for downloading data like if you download movies, games or high Mb data then you should be used Airtel SIM because airtel would provide hing internet speed only for download data.

But if you look SIM for overall internet speed then I recommend Jio SIM that provide you average internet speed in any type uses of internet. But Now you know what airtel internet speed but you don’t know what recharge plans of airtel in india. So i will show you some latest pack chart that help to know what aritel plans.

Here,  airtel internet pack list 2019


  • High Internet Speed for Download Data.
  • 4G and 3G network.
  •  Where Available Network in india.
  • Every never Bounce back Call.
  • Cover large internet area in india.
  • 300 Millions Subscriber.
  • Great Customer care support.


  • Expensive Recharge Pack
  • Internet Speed could be more improve.

Airtel has 300 million subscriber because airtel provide high internet speed for download.

2- Idea

I put Idea on Second number because Idea network power is so strong. Idea provides good internet speed at reasonable price. That any one afford their plans. Idea SIM provide great internet speed in india. I was used idea sim in last month i never face any problem with idea sim. That is why i recommend that you should purchase idea sim.

Idea sim is best in india because this is overall best sim in the compare airtel because airtel only give download speed with high price. But idea give you overall average internet speed.

Idea high internet speed up to 5.15 Mbps internet speed. It is average internet speed which i test when i used idea sim. Airtel has 8 Mbps speed which is high if we compare with idea. But good think is that idea is more cheap plans in compare with airtel. Now you know what idea internet speed but you don’t know what is recharge plans of idea sim.

Here, Idea internet pack list 2019


  • High internet Speed.
  • 4G and 3G network.
  • Cover Rural and urban areas.
  • Cheap recharge Plans.
  • Good customer care support.


  • Signal strength is weak.

Idea has 250 million subscribe. idea provide great services to their used. I recommend that you can used idea sim for internet speed.

3- Jio

Jio is the fast growing sim in india. mukesh amabni is founder jio sim. Jio provide one of the best internet speed in India. I currently used jio sim because jio provide cheap price in india in the compare with other sim card. Jio provide average interent speed when i watch video on youtube I face problem some time that why i tell you jio provide average internet speed. jio is best sim card in india for internet.

Jio speed depend on your area. because jio network is limited that means if your area has low jio network that you would’t get high-speed but good think is that jio has low price recharge plans.  jio provide up to 8 Mbps for you home buy not every where you get 8 Mbps internet speed.

Here, Jio internet pack list 2019

In this chart as you see that jio recharge plans is cheap if we compare with other sim in india. So i personally recommend that you should purchase and used jio sim because their plans available on low price.


  • Low price recharge
  • Good internet speed.
  • Free voice call with Data Recharge.
  • Great plans offer


  • Call bounce back and dropout
  • average internet speed.
  • Bad voice quality.
  • jio 4G doesn’t support 3G phone.

After read their cons still I recommend jio sim for you because I also used jio sim for long time.

4- Vodafone

Vodafone come together with idea . They join hand each together to provide great services. Vodafone or idea has strong network but here is the problem with that their recharge plans is not perfect for us even they provide good services like good customer care support or good internet speed. Overall Vodafone would be better option for you but you should know about their plans price.

Vodafone sim 4G speed provide up to 4 Mbps that is great for me to download movies. But this speed is not fixed for particular area. Actually SIM provide different speed according to your area. if your area has good network then you get high-speed.

Here, Vodafone internet pack list 2019


  • Good  internet speed.
  • Strong network
  • Good customer care support.
  • 4G and 3G etwork


  • Expensive recharge plans.
  • Bounce back call.
  • Not good for travel

5 – BSNL

bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). BSNL is the government telecom company which provide internet services and voice call services.  BSNL is one of the old government company which is provide great services. BSNL provides good internet speed or good voice call quality. BSNL recharge plans also cheap and low price if I compare with other telecom company. BSNL is best sim card in india for internet.

BSNL 4g speed is 9 Mbps to 24 Mbps internet speed. It is great speed for download movies and games. I never face any problem with network signal or any type technical issue. I always get high-speed from other SIM.

Here, BSNL internet pack list 2019


  • Great network strength in india
  • 4G and 3G services
  • Low Price of recharge plans


  • Average internet speed.
  • Some time call bounce back
  • bad customer care support.

I Recommen that you should usesd BSNL network because it is one of the cheap recharge plans in indai and good internet speed. I think you should be used BSNL network.

6- Tata Docomo

Tata Docomois no longer stay in india because tata docomo would join with airtel telecom. After jio launch tata docomo could not survive in market so airtel buy tata docomo or may be both collar each other. But when I used tat docomo sim. I have happy with this sim but I have the problem with tata docomo.

The main problem with tata docom sim is that Network strength is too low in result you get low internet speed or also your call would not connect perfectly. When I used tata docomo i was recharge 4G internet but I get only 2G network services. I was disappointed with this sim.

Here, Tata Docomo internet pack list 2019


  • Low internet recharge price.
  • average internet speed.
  • Good network for urban city.


  • Low and Bad network strength
  • Call could not connected.
  • Not for travel network.

I don’t recommend this SIM but it is still good Sim in some s and city.

7- Reliance Communications

Reliance is one of the old telecom company in india. Reliance also called Rcom. This is overall best sim if we talk about speed, call quality and plans price everything is perfect for you. over all 100 millions subscribe of reliance company.

But I find the problem with thGood internet is sim is that this sim is block in some state and city where you could not used reliance sim. If you live in delhi and you have reliance sim then you couldn’t used in delhi because in Delhi has not any network of reliance. so before purchase you should know and check that this sim has in your stat and city then you can purchase.

Relaince 4G speed up to 4 Mbps. I think it is enough to  download high and large files such as download movie and games.

Here, Tata Docomo internet pack list 2019


  • Good internet speed
  • 4G and 3G network
  • voice quality.


  • Low signal strength
  • Only few stat has network

Before buy reliance sim you should know in your city or stat has reliance network. if your stat has network then I recommend to purchase relate sim in india.

Which SIM is most Popular and Subscriber

SIM NetworkSubscribers (million)
Tata Docomo31.24


I recently used jio sim and i also recommend you should purchase jio sim for internet and voice call. Jio sim is overall best in india because jio provide best offer for recharge in compare of other sim.

Jio recharge plans are cheap from all other sim. Jio release and launch new offer almost every month. I think you should purchase jio sim right now. so this is my best sim card in india for internet list in 2019. I hope you love this list and this list helpful for you.

if you have any question related to these sim then you can leave comment below box i will reply within hour.

Thanks for read. Stay turn at ocean of review.

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