Boat Stone Spinx Review : Bluetooth The Ultimate Full Guide 2019

Boat Stone Spinx review

Boat Stone Spinx

Rs - 2699

Sound Quality








Value of Money



  • IPX6 water resistance speaker
  • Quality sound with Strong bass
  • Wireless connected


  • Poor Range
  • Average Music Imaging from single speaker

In Begging of 2019 Boat stone launch wireless Bluetooth speakers. Boat Stone Spinx is the styles or build with fabric sheet. If you think to purchase this wireless router then you should read our Boat Stone Spinx Review to know about this Bluetooth speakers. I have used this speakers for 1 month and I play every type beat song on this Boat Stone Spinx Bluetooth speaker I show my review in below part of this post. You should also know about their problem with this Boat Stone Spinx speakers.

You Want to purchase Boat Stone Spinx wireless Speaker ?

Boat Stone Spinx Review in Detail

Boat Stone is the best brand for their speakers. This company speakers has built up with good material, sound quality is to great and Great bass. You can play high bass song on this Bluetooth speaker. This Boat Stone Spinx is come with latest features. This is next generation Bluetooth speaker.

Boat Stone Spinx is build up with great design and fully styles. This is wireless Bluetooth speaker I only could be listened song within 10 meters range. The best think I love from Boat Stone Spinx this is full waterproof and ipx6 so I could be listened song under water. In this summer I was listened song when i was summing.This Boat Stone Spinx is perfect for every song beat because I was tried to play every beat and this Bluetooth is suitable for me.

If you mostly travel then this speaker is perfect for you because it can be easy to carry and used this speaker during travel. Now you think about their battery backup same I also think what is battery backup don’t wearied because their battery backup is 2000 mAH and this is enough for used this speaker for long time. After full research I could be listened song up to 8 hours. So this speaker provide great experience of listen sound.

Boat Stone Spinx is come with the 3 color that is Blue, Black, White. I choose blue color for Boat Stone Spinx Review. You can select any color which you like. All color quality is great their color look like modern color with great polish.

Boat Stone Spinx Features

  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (could be connect 2 speaker at same time)
  • Connected by Aux-in and Bluetooth
  • Water Resistance or Idiot proof at IPX  6 Level
  • Cylindrical 360  Degree Design or stylish
  • Screw sock for cycling.
  • Battery 2000mAH for 8 Hours.

Boat Stone Spinx : Sound Quality

Boat Stone Spinx is only know about their sound quality, when I was listen music at high volume it cover up 2 room with quality sound. This speaker provides HD quality sound with full of Bass. I love listen high bass music you also say that i love DJ songs. So after purchase this i play DJ song to check their sound quality or sound crack. After 1 hour play DJ song. I found that this build for only DJ song because sound was not crack and provide song full of bass. So I sure you will love of Boat Stone Spinx sound quality because i also love from their song quality. In my boat stone spinx review I give five-star of sound quality.

Boat Stone Spinx : 360* Degree Design

boat stone spinx review

If I tall you about their design than you should know this is 360 degree design Bluetooth speaker. I love their design when I was goes out side home then most people attractive toward their design and ask me this speaker then you should know their design. I was check their durability then I found in my test that this made by fybric and this material is to strong for used long year.

Boat Stone Spinx : Two Bluetooth Connect

boat stone spinx review

If you brought two Boat Stone Spinx Bluetooth speaker then you can be connected both speaker for home party. I used a single speaker for only 1 room but if you do home party then you can be connected both speaker to each other and run same song on both with quality sound. After connected it look like small DJ or Home DJ. It create party time and feel like you used DJ sound in your home party.

Boat Stone Spinx : Battery Performance

boat stone spinx review

Boat Stone Spinx Bluetooth speaker Lithium Battery is 2000mAH. This speaker frequency 160 Hz to 20 KHz. Their wireless range up to 10 metes. If you continue listen song then it can be play song up to 8 hours, it’s enough long time. I my experience with this battery is I was full charge in up to 2 hour then I was goes to travel carry with this speaker and I was play song approx to 7 hours. So it’s enough battery life for travel and long distance.

Boat Stone Spinx : Water Proof

boat stone spinx review

Boat Stone Spinx Bluetooth speaker is full water proof. IPX6 is water proof and Idiot full free. This speaker perfect for every environment and condition. In last summer holiday I was Used this speaker when I was Summing in summing pool.  So I get Great experience with this speaker. It was great movement when i was listen song during summing. So Know you know how much it perfect for you ?

Boat Stone Spinx Pros

  • Water Resistance IPX6- This is best features for music lover due this features you can listen music when you summing.
  • Quality sound with high Bass – This is provide quality sound and strong bass for any beat song.
  • Wireless- This Bluetooth speaker is wireless speaker which can be easy connected with SD card or Bluetooth.
  • 360 Degree Design – This is build with stylish design for outer door used or can be used on street.

Boat Stone Spinx Cons

  • Battery Performance : This Bluetooth battery performance could be increase up to 3000mAH but in this speaker has only 2000mAH
  • Weak Range – Their Wireless Rang up to 10 meter, I think it can be better if Range up to 20 meter.
  • Poor Sound quality if you used only single Speaker.( you should us both speaker at a time).

Boat Stone Spinx Technical Detail

Speaker BrandBoat Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speaker  ModelBoat Stone Spinx
Boat Stone Spinx NameStone speaker
Boat Stone Spinx Weight340 g
Boat Stone Spinx Dimensions16.5 x 6 x 6.6 cm
Boat Stone Spinx Batteries:1 Lithium Polymer Battery 2000mAH
Boat Stone Spinx model numberBoat Stone Spinx
Boat Stone Spinx Components1 Speaker, 1 Manual,1 USB Cable
Number Of Boat Stone Spinx1 only
Boat Stone Spinx ConnectivityWireless
Speaker Batteries Includedhmm
Speaker Batteries Requiredhmm
Battery Cell CompositionLithium Polymer Battery
Boat Stone Spinx Connector Typewireless only


The boat stone spinx review is show you everything about this Bluetooth speaker. I recommend that you should purchase this boat stone Spinx speaker. you can be used this speaker when you go outside home or traveling. If I tell you about their problem so this speaker problem is their Speaker Range is to Short or battery is 2000mAH only. If you accept this issue then you can be easy  purchase this boat stone spinx speaker.

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