D-Link DSL-2750u Review-Full Guide of Feature,Specification & Pros/Cons

D-Link DSL-2750u Review

D-link dsl-2750u

Rs - 1960

Internet Speed






Features & Spec


Value of Money



  • High Internet Speed
  • Full Security
  • LED Light Notification
  • Dual Antenna


  • Customer care services
  • Expensive

If you think to purchase this d-link dsl-2750u wireless router then you should read our whole d-link dsl-2750u review before purchase because in this review I will share my personnel experience last 1 year. Now I know all about their positive and negative point that this is must you know before purchase. In this review I will show you d-link dsl-2750u router features, specification, price, pros/cons and many more stuff that all these you should know before purchase. So jump onto d-link dsl-2750u review without waste more time.

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D-link dsl-2750u Review in Detail

D-link is the Indian government company that manufacturing wireless router in India. D-link knows about their speed and quality router. D-link build so many router but now we talk about d-link dsl-2750u router. This is powerful internet router that provide fast internet speed up to 300 Mbps.  This router has ability to control multi task at once time, fast online video stream and online watch video and this router come with best features and specification.

The d-link dsl-2750u wireless router there have N ADSL2+4 port that is multi user, high-speed router which is suitable for small area even in home and office. This router downloading speed is to fast it give speed up to 24 Mbps that is enough speed, this is secure internet connection which is protection by firewall, Their quality serve is 802.11n wireless LAN and with 4 Ethernet ports, Their N ADSL20+4 port router provides high-speed internet with full internet protection.

d-link dsl-2750u wireless router internet speed is 4 time fast from 502.11g. This router is easy to set up and configure from computer and once configure then it can be used multi device. This router is full protect and secure from hacker and miss used their security protect from unauthorized access from internet and it support WPA/WPA2 and WEP for security of your internet and data encryption. In this also have wide range ability that means you can used this wireless router from so far.

D-link direct service (DDS) it is the new technical services in that means router support this DDS technology. It means this is D-link technical support services this help to get fast response from customer care center and get solve your problem/issue as can possible.you can  also call for contact  0832-6689999 and customer services center.

speed Performance – D-link given more effort to their speed with N ADSL2+ 4-Port wireless router. Their internet speed  is to power full and 4 times fast with 300 mbps for downloading. You can easy download ling size file, game, movies etc. you can do with online stream with HD quality.

Traffic Loads- Some router have limited bandwidth that unable to handle traffic load so other router can’t response but  d-link dsl-2750u wireless router come with unlimited bandwidth that means you can handle multi load work at one time. this also can handle multi user which connected with D-link router.

Fast internet- d-link dsl-2750u router provides fast internet their internet speed up to 24 tp 30 mbps downloading speed and 1 to 2mbps for stream. this is great speed that provides from this router you can easily download large files, games, movies in just few minutes.

Antenna- In the d-link dsl-2750u router have dual antenna that help to provides fast internet speed and another benefit of dual antenna is that it help to increase router rang that means you can used this internet services from wider range.

Internet Speed – This router speed is fast 4 times from others, their internet speed up to 54 mbps to 300mbps with 802.11g.

LED light – d-link dsl-2750u router have LED light in the front that help to give notification and necessity signal in router.

Air Condition – This router have insert air vents that help to cool inner side of router. when router get warm and start heating then this air vents help to decrease your router temperature this help to protection from over heating your router.

D-Link DSL-2750u Features & Specification

  • ADSL2/2+ internet that means fast internet connection.
  • High internet speed up to 54 to 54 mbps.
  • High wireless performance with 802.11g 
  • Full security from firewall protection from hacker.
  • D-link Direct services new technical services support.
  •  Interface 10/100 LAN ports
  • Data transfer speed up to 300Mbps 
  • Protection by  Parental Controls, Packet Filtering,64 and 128 bit WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPS.
  • Dual Antenna for fast speed and wide signal range.
  • LED light for notification updates and warming signals.
  • input type RJ-11 .
  • 3g usb adopter 
  • Security with quality of service (QoS)

D-Link DSL-2750u Pros

  • Fast internet speed up to 54 mbps.
  • Wireless performance with 802.11g
  • Dual antenna that help to provide fast speed and wide range
  • D-link Direct services technical services support.
  • Full security by firewall and Quality of services.

D-Link DSL-2750u Cons

  • Lack of customer care services.
  • Expansive high price in compare with other router.

D-Link DSL-2750u Technical Detail

 d-link dsl-2750u reviewINTERFACESRJ-11 ADSL port
 4 RJ-45 port 
 Router Built with  802.11g/n
 Button for reset 
 WPS switch 
 Wireless on/off button 
 button on/off switch
 2.0 USB port 
Router WIRELESS LAN802.11b/n/g
 Router speed up to 54 Mbps, 300 Mbps
 Frequency range  2.4 GHz to 2.484 GHz
 Dual Antennas
  WEP and firewall protection 
 WPA/WPA2 router security
 MAC access control
Router ADSL STANDARDMulti-mode, ANSI T1.413 2, ITU G.992.1 
  ITU G.992.3 
 ADSL2+  ITU.G.992.5 
Router ADSL DATA RATE 8 Mbps downstream
 1.5 Mbps downstream
  12 Mbps downstream
  24 Mbps downstream, 1 Mbps stream
 Adaptation Layer Type 5 
 VC or LLC 
 ATM RFC 2364
 ITU-T I.610 
 DHCP server
 RIP v.1, v.2
 Universal Plug 
 Dynamic Domain Name System
 Virtual internet Server
 DNS proxy or IGMP proxy
 IPv6 support 
Router FIREWALL Protection firewall protection
 Stateful Packet Inspection 
 DoS prevention
 Packet filtering
Router VPNMultiple L2TP/PPTP/IPSec
Router CONFIGURATIONInstallation Wizard 
  firmware upgrade
 Code lock for security
 TR-069 Client
Router USBprinting
 3G USB adapter 
Router Services 802.1p 
 IGMP Snooping 
 PVC/VLAN port 
Router security IGMP
  VLAN port 
 Parental Control
Router Power Unit  1A external adapter
Router LEDPower
 LAN All
Router Wireless 2412-2472MHz
19dBm EIRP
4.5 dBi 
TEMPERATURE(-)20 to 70 °C 
HUMIDITY5% to 95% 
D-Link certificate CE

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d-link dsl-2750u Short Detail

Router BrandD-Link
Router height32 M
Router Width11.6 C
Router Weight630 g
Router Dimension16.2 x 11.6 x 3.2 cm
Router model numberDSL-2750U/IN
Wireless Type802.11.n/g
Power SourceTRUE full

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d-link dsl-2750u review

d-link dsl-2750u review

d-link dsl-2750u review


That is our d-link dsl-2750u review in which I share every think about this router now after read this review we know about that this is best D-link router that provide us fast internet speed, full security protection and technical services support on another hand we also read there cons that is so expensive and too late customer care services.

I personnel recommend that you should purchase this wireless router there are more pros and less cons then you should purchase this router if you have requirement fast internet router. Now tell me what you review about d-link dsl-2750u review. you can tell me by doing comment below and if you have any question about d-link dsl-2750u review then you can ask we reply within hours.

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