Netgear R6120 Review : High Internet Speed Home WiFi Router in 2019

Netgear R6120 Review

Netgear R6120

Rs- 2,875

Internet Speed




WiFi Range




Value of Money



  • High Internet Speed
  • Latest Features
  • Full Security
  • Control by Mobile
  • Easy To Use


  • Dual Antenna

If you think to purchase new router of netgear then you should think about this netgear r6120 router but i suggested you, Before purchase you should readout our netgear r6120 review to know about their pros/con, features, specification, price and many more think that you should know before purchase. I have been used this router last 1 month so I know about their problem and technical issue. Good new is that I gonna share my personal experience in this post. so completer read this review and give send your review to us.

Do you think to purchase netgear r6120 Router ?

Netgear r6120 Review

Netgear have already build lot of best router for their user and I also alread used netgear router but this netgear r6120 is the unique and come with the latest features. I love this router because of their internet speed because when I was download games from this router then this router provide 700Mbps internet speed and maximum internet speed is 900Mbps and this is enough to download and live stream.

netgear r6120 have dual antenna one is 2.4 GHz and second 5GHz, 5 Ethernet port one is WAN and another is LAN port. WPA/WPA2 is full secure internet connection. If you purchase this router in india or online then you will pay their price is 3,200. Best features is that you can control overall Router from Nighthawk  App for Mobile device.

Netgear R6120 Features

  • Internet speed up to 700 to 9000Mbps
  • Full security by WPA/WPA2
  • Netgear R6120 Allow to share Data between Network.
  • Dual Antenna for strong Range
  • Control by Nighthawk App from Mobile.

Why We Love Netgear R6120 Router ?

Netgear R6120 Internet Speed

Netgear R6120 Router provide up to 700Mbps downloading speed and maximum internet speed is up to 900Mbps, This router is 3x time high internet speed in their price range. When i downloading games then tthis router provide me 650 to 700 mbps and this is internet speed in enough for me to download games and live video stream, Now you should think that this internet speed this enough for you or not?

I fully enjoy this router speed. I was do some test and experiential such as I was played online games, online stream and large file downloading. I only get 750Mbps speed but one of my friends get 1200Mbps internet speed when i was seen this speed i was fully shocked how you get high-speed then my friend tell me one suggestion that he was change their dual band and replace with high GHz antenna. so this trick you also try to get more internet speed.

Netgear R6120 WiFi Range

Netgear R6120 Review

Netgear R6120 have dual antenna for more strong WiFi range. This router cover my whole Home and I also able to receive network on street. If you home area 100 BHK then this router easily connected and provide internet speed. Netgear R6120 also able to handily over load on router, you may be connected more than 5 user at once time taht measn you can enjoy this router speed with family at one time.

 Netgear R6120 Allow to Share

Netgear R6120 allow to you to share data one user to another user. You can insert USB 2.0 port to transfer data. play video and music on DLNA TV and enjoy with family. Your shared Data is fully secured and protection from any type of hacking.

Netgear R6120 Router Security

Netgear R6120 Review

Netgear R6120 is full secure your guest network and this is make separate guest network for more secure. This router provides WPA/WPA2 high level security so you freely enjoy Netgear R6120 router speed without any one problem.

Netgear R6120 Easy to Use

Netgear R6120 Review

When I was setup first time Netgear R6120 router in my home, I was able to easy set up router without any one help. In this router have “N” button to connect device. same used push this button for mobile and other device. Router have schedule feature for on/off router . once you set up on/off time then this auto on/off without any press button. That is great features because I also like this features and used this when i was goes outside home. You can also used nighthawk app to control router from your mobile.

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Netgear R6120 Pros

  • High internet speed – Easy to download games and live stream
  • Dull secure network by WPA/WPA2.
  • Control by mobile with help of nighthawk app

Netgear R6120 Cons

  • Difficult to Fit in your Budget for purchase.
  • Only 2 antenna it better if have 6 antenna. ( but still is good router)

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Netgear R6120 is the best router with high-speed, I have used this router for 1 month and do some test on speed, in result I get a positive response from this Netgear R6120 Router, I recommend you should purchase this router if you need high internet speed with best features router. It difficult for me to find problem min this router so this router may be good option for you to purchase. If  you have Rs 3000 budget then you should purchase because this is best router in this price range.

This is my Netgear R6120 Review I hope my experience help to learn about Netgear R6120 Router and now you easily decide to purchases. You can follow us for more future Review.

Thanks for Read and stay turn at ocean of review

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