Sony MDR XB55AP Review : Best Extra Bass Headphone Full Guide 2019

sony mdr xb55ap review

sony mdr xb55ap

Rs - 2,143

High Quality Sound


Deep Bass






Value of Money



  • Extra Deep Base
  • Light Weight
  • In-Line Mic with Calling
  • 12 mm Neodymium Drivers
  • Silicone Earbuds


  • Expensive
  • High Price
  • Large Earpieces

If you want to purchase Sony mdr xb55ap you decision may be good but before purchase you should know about their positive and negative point of this Sony mdr xb55ap headphone that why I have written this Sony mdr xb55ap review to help to take decision either you buy or not.  So in this post I will be share sony mdr xb55ap features, specification, price, compression, design, sound quality and many more. So get ready to read this review before purchase.

You Want to Purchase sony mdr xb55ap Headphone ??

sony mdr xb55ap Review in Detail

Sony is the globe popular brand in the multi product such like mobile, LED, laptop, music etc I believe Sony brand have and trusted product in every product even music field. As you know sony is popular company and every product is solid and perfect in every test. so now i tell about sony mdr xb55ap earphone this is manufacture under Sony brand. This earphone sound quality is so clear and sharp that means you feel like this is natural sound but this earphone is know about their Extra Bass in speakers. Their drivers are heavy that provide high bass sound and never crack at high volume. More about Sony .

Sony mdr xb55ap earphone is the pair of extra bass with mic support that help to pick call and switch calls from mic button. Their 12mm drive give output quality sound. In this insert bass duct that give extra bass sound .Sony mdr xb55ap earphone also help to block outside noise and sound if you walking in crowed and outside the door because their ear-cups cover you ear hall that help to stop outside noise. Their color are so stylish that looking good.their best color is vivid color. sony service centre

In my all test and review this sony headphone easily pass my every test on this earphone. So after my test i recommend this earphone for you.

Extra Bass- sony mdr xb55ap earphone is come with the high bass their bass is high in the compression other earphone. If you bass and music lover then you should purchase this earphone. sony mdr xb55ap is bass booster amplifies that low-frequency by duct that help to send sound direct to your ear.

Mic in this earphone have mic in middle wired. Mic is necessary in earphone there are multi uses such example you can used this mic for pick call and switch calls, change song and direct call through earphone. This is control your song by paused & play.

Powerful sound – This earphone provides high bass because this is 12mm neodymium that help to sound quality and balance sound in both ears.

Lightweight – Sony also more focus on their weight that why this earphone is so lightweight which you give comfortable. lightweight also help to listen song for long hour.

Earbuds – sony mdr xb55ap earphone earbuds can be fit any person ear with perfectly because their earbuds size is set after long research on human ear. This earphone earbuds also good for block outside noise and also provide high quality sound when you travel in crowed area and any other place where large number of human are there because their earbuds made to direct transfer sound into your ear instead to outside the ear.

Colors – This earphone come with three colors that is black, blue and white. these all colors are standard and match with your smart phone.

Tangle Cable – sony give you free with sony mdr xb55ap earphone this is help to cover wire in small place.

Frequency Range – This is earphone frequency spanning 4Hz to 24kHz that provides deep bass that help to enjoy every music and song track. for kind of information check sony india official.

Sony MDR XB55AP Features & Specification

  • In wired Mic for hand phone calls.
  • special made for Electronic Dance Music.
  • 12mm neodymium drives for provides power full deep sound,
  • Lightweight that provides more comforts.
  • Build by shine metallic housing.
  • self ear buds adjusted.
  • Get free tangle cable cord.
  • this also supply carrying pouch.
  • Extra Deep Bass sound 
  • smart key for control songs 
  • standard colors 
  • 4Hz-24Hz frequency Range 
  • serrated cables 
  • Duct ear buds 

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Sony MDR XB55AP Pros

  • High Deep Bass in the compare other earphone.
  • lightweight that help to more comfort
  • 4hz – 24Hz frequency for deep bass.
  • duct earbuds that help to block outside noise into your ear during listen song.
  • Mic that control calls.
  • Good design and build by metallic body.
  • 12mm neodymium.
  • free tangle cable.
  • standard color (black, white and blue)

Sony MDR XB55AP Cons

  • Expensive earphone it is difficult to fit in your budgets.
  • Due to high bass some lyric tons couldn’t listen perfectly.
  • earpieces is little large that cover whole your ear.

You Love this Earphone ?

sony mdr xb55ap Technical Detail

earphone ModelXB55AP
earphone NameMDR-XB55AP
earphone Weight68 gm
earphone Dimensions17.4 x 6.4 x 0.4 cm
earphone Batteries:1 Lithium Polymer earphone  batteries .
earphone model numberMDR-XB55AP
earphone  DevicesSony
earphone  FeaturesIn-Ear
earphone ComponentsHeadphone, Operating Instructions, 3 Silicon Earbuds, Reference Guide, Wire Manager
earphone MicrophoneWith Microphone
Headphones FactorTangle Free Cord
earphone Batteries IncludedNo
earphone Batteries RequiredNo
earphone Battery Cell CompositionLithium Polymer

for more technical specification  User Guide [396 KB PDF]

Sony MDR XB55AP Review – Photo

sony mdr xb55ap review

sony mdr xb55ap review

sony mdr xb55ap review

sony mdr xb55ap review

Now Happy ?

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That is our Sony mdr xb55ap review may you love this post. My final words is that this is best earphone which is come deep bass and good design and many more think which we have read in above post part. But there is only one problem that is this earphone is expansive may it is difficult to purchase this earphone but if you purchase one time than fines for long time.If still you have problem get sony customer care 

I Recommend that you should purchaser his earphone if this ear[phone fit in your budgets.because in this have a lot of think that may you attract towards this sony mdr xb55ap but make sure you should have enough budgets to purchase this sony mdr xb55ap earphone.

Now tell me what you think about this post you tell me by do comment below and ask any question related to this sony mdr xb55ap review.

I hope this sony mdr xb55ap review help to you to take decision of purchase. if you feel this post help you then don’t forget to follow us and subscribe for future review.

Thanks for Reading.

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